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Ace Roofing Company is a recognized brand servicing Austin area neighbors living in the Allandale neighborhood. The mixture of newer builds and classic design homes in Allandale demonstrate the variations of roofing styles such as three-tab shingles, architectural shingles and tile roofs. Our professional teams of roofing contractors have worked with all types of roofing materials. The years of experience held by our team members provides all the necessary skill to offer you the best solution for your roofing project. Started by an Austinite, we are the local roofing company you’re seeking because we know the value of your Allandale home and the importance of a quality, dependable roof. Our skilled roofing team in Allandale Austin TX works hard to ensure we provide you with the best roofing construction.

Roofing Repair Issues

The roof is the first line of defense to protect your home from the elements – wind, rain, hail, cold and heat. While a roof may suffer occasional wind damage, rain damage, cold damage or hail damage, homeowners don’t realize that roofs are damaged daily by heat.

Sunshine heats up every element of your roof – especially during sunny and hot Texas summers – and shortens the roof life expectancy with every damaged shingle.

You must consider sudden severe weather in Central Texas and Allandale zip codes – 78757, 78756, 78731 –  that can tear apart an already weakened roof. You don’t want to wait before additional, expensive roof damage from wind or water allows the elements inside your home.

Roof Inspection And Estimate

Following any roof damage in Allandale, one of the friendly, experienced and trained members of our staff can head your way to help you with any roof issues. Our roof inspection covers every aspect of a damaged roof. Someone with less experience might walk across a roof and notice only half the damaged areas. We’re looking for any severe weather damage signs that need to be addressed. Our experienced roofing team can also spot hidden damage, often caused by trees or hail damage that may not be apparent to the less trained eye, but can be a roof disaster with the next storm. Our team will provide you with a free inspection and estimate for any roof issues, and we work with all roof insurance companies to ensure your Allandale roofing project is as simple as possible. We can get your roof project scheduled and completed, because the sooner the damaged roof is working properly, the sooner your home is fully protected by your roof.

Allandale Roofing Contractor

Ace Roofing Company is your best choice for a roofing company Allandale Austin TX neighborhood. At Ace Roofing Company, we consistently provide expert craftsmanship, superior quality and personalized customer service to all our Austin and Allandale roofing customers. Our company maintains partnerships with all the best roofing material manufacturers, so we can pass roofing savings to our customers. At Ace Roofing Company, we provide knowledgeable and reliable roofing services when you need your Allandale roof returned to working order.

Types of Allandale, Texas Roofs

Depending on where you live in Allandale, you might only see one type of roof. But the weather in Texas is tough, especially for roofs that are exposed to the elements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Not only are there plenty of hot, sunny days that can test the strength of even the most hardened roof, but high winds, rain and other types of precipitation means that your roof must be able to withstand the worst that Mother Nature can offer — and not every type of shingle is able to manage the heat, hail and humidity of Texas weather.

Beyond that, roofs are expensive, and if you go with a roofing company in Allandale, Texas that doesn’t know what they’re doing, you could be risking the value of your home, not to mention the safety of everyone inside.

Choosing the right type of shingle is crucial, and so is repairing your roof with exact replacements that won’t jeopardize the integrity of your roof. Even if insurance is covering the bill, additional issues introduced by a shoddy job could end up costing you more money down the line.

But in our opinion as a roofing company in Allandale, Texas, these are the best types of shingles for a Texas roof.

1. Asphalt

Also known as 3-tab asphalt, these shingles are an affordable and common roof shingle found throughout Allandale and the greater Austin area. Other types of asphalt shingles include fiberglass, which is great for increased protection against fire, and architectural shingles that give a more sculpted look.

Installed by a reputable roofing company in Allandale, Texas, asphalt shingle roofs can last up to 20 years.

2. Metal

While metal roofing has traditionally been shunned due to its noise conductivity — they can be louder than other types of roofs — recent advancements have made metal roofs a viable option for homeowners that want extreme durability and protection from the elements. They also absorb sunlight and heat, which can help regulate the temperature indoors.

Installed by a reputable roofing company in Allandale, Texas, metal shingle roofs can last more than 75 or 100 years.

3. Concrete

For the utmost in strength, there’s nothing better than concrete tiles. While they’re typically dyed burnt-orange in color, concrete roof tiles are heavy, durable tiles that look great with that distinctive southwest feel and help keep your home cool due to their ability to withstand heat and sun. Concrete tiles are also low maintenance, as well as being naturally fire resistant.

Installed by a reputable roofing company in Allandale, Texas, metal shingle roofs can last more than 100 years.

4. Slate

They’re not that common, and it’ll cost you a pretty penny, but slate tiles are a gorgeous and luxurious way to do a Texas roof, and they’re also durable and long-lasting. However, they’re heavy like concrete tiles, so you’ll need a strong roof to support the weight of slate. The best part is that slate, as a quarried stone, is an environmentally friendly option for a roof tile.

Installed by a reputable roofing company in Allandale, Texas, slate shingle roofs can last up to 150 years.

Other Types of Roofing Shingles

Other roofing options for Allandale homes includes wood shingles, which are made from different types of wood and split into thin sections; solar shingles, which can help you save on your home’s monthly energy costs; rubber shingles, which are simple to install and require little maintenance; and composite or plastic shingles, which are made from recycled plastic materials.

However, due to the climate and weather we get here in Allandale, these alternative options are not as viable as our main picks, though a roofing expert will be able to advise you on what shingles are best for your home if you want to go in a different direction.

To learn more about Ace Roofing Company and how we can help your Allandale home, contact us. With locations in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio, we have experts near you, ready to answer the call if you have a roofing emergency or you just need a roofing advice or an estimate.

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