Local Roofing Service

As an Austin-based, Austin-born, local roofing contractor, Ace Roofing Company completes roofing work all throughout the city and its neighboring communities. From Steiner Ranch to Bee Cave to Lakeway, we provide homeowners top-quality roofing services. Whenever we’re working in these areas, which include zip codes 78732, 78734 and 78738, we’re always on the lookout for top-shelf barbecue. We connect with barbecue like a roofing nail to an asphalt shingle. Yes, we can be that corny, and we like … [Read more...]

Barbecue And A Hot Roof

We want to continue our “working hard” insight into the barbecue restaurants we’ve found as local roofers working in neighborhoods throughout Austin. For us at Ace Roofing Company, there’s nothing greater than enjoying the fresh air and sunshine while repairing a damaged roof or installing a new roof. Roofing is what we do daily from start to finish. We definitely like to start each day rested and “fueled,” so when we’re working in Circle C Ranch and zip codes 78749 or 78739 we’ll let you in on … [Read more...]

Where do homeowners turn for “best of Austin?”

When it comes to working hard, our local residential roofing specialists at Ace Roofing Company are going to put in long hours every day. And we get hungry. When we’re working near the heart of Austin, we almost always find a way to a barbecue restaurant. Our crews often work in the neighborhoods of Tarrytown in zip code 78703 and Hyde Park in zip code 78751. Roof installation or roof replacement work places our crews near great barbecue from the large plates of ribs or chicken at Bert's … [Read more...]

How Does Severe Weather Affect Your Home’s Roof?

Homeowners in Texas know that severe weather can strike at any time. Major storms are more than a nuisance; they can cause hidden damages to your roof leading to leaks and expensive repairs if they are not treated right away. It is vital to know what storms can do to your roof and what to look for after severe weather. What to Look For After a StormLoose or missing shingles: After severe weather, make sure to check to see if high winds or tree limbs caused your roof to lose shingles. … [Read more...]

Conducting a Roof Assessment

A roof assessment is an important tool to help you determine if your roof needs repairs or a total roof replacement. The goal of the roof assessment if to help you determine the condition of your roof and to help you determine the remaining life expectancy. As your local Austin roofers, we have years of experience inspecting and assessing residential roofs to determine their condition.During our assessment, we will consider the following things:What is the current condition of your … [Read more...]