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At Ace Roofing Company, we are experts at spotting and repairing wind-damaged roofs. Texas storms bring high winds and can often quickly damage your roof. So whether you’re in Austin or elsewhere in Texas, roof damage from rain and other external factors is quite common.

Sometimes the damage is obvious, but other times it can only be detected by an experienced roofing expert. Small damages left untreated can lead to big roofing problems in the future. Fortunately, our team of experienced roof contractors knows what signs of damage to look for after high winds and storms and can help you determine if your roof has experienced wind damage. Request a Quote Today!

How Do I Know If I Have Roof Damage?

Typically, there are certain signs that show roof damage in Austin, be it after a storm, heavy winds, rain, or hail. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Leaks in the ceiling
  • Missing shingles
  • Dented asphalt shingles
  • Cracked, broken, or misplaced tiles
  • Dented roof vents
  • Dented flashing or gutters
  • Mineral granules collected in the gutter

It’d be good to watch out for these signs to know if you have roof damage from storms or winds and whether you need a storm damage roofer. However, as described above, these indicators are not all-inclusive, nor do they mean that your roof is free from damage.

Small and hidden roof issues can lead to huge problems, requiring extensive and costly repairs in the future. So it’s prudent to get them fixed in a timely manner. At Ace Roofing, we give a thorough inspection that helps us get to the root of the problem and address it effectively. No matter what type of roof damage you have in Austin, having it repaired as soon as possible will protect your roof and help prevent unnecessary expenses.

Professional Inspections for Roof Damage in Austin

It is vital to have your roof inspected after a strong storm with high winds in order to determine if your roof has suffered any damage. Wind can damage your roof in a number of ways: blowing off tiles, causing tiles to lift and pull, tree branches hitting your roof, or other items being lifted by the wind and dragged across the surface of your roof. Even if your roof appears to be tight and in good shape, wind-blown debris may have damaged individual tiles, dented vents or flashing, or caused other serious damages. Damages caught early can be quickly and easily repaired can help you avoid leaks, property damage, or other major problems which ultimately reduce the lifespan of your entire roof. So the first thing to do after storm damage is to seek expert help.

When you contact Ace Roofing, we will send an experienced member of our team to thoroughly evaluate and inspect your roof for wind damage. After the thorough inspection, we will provide you with a free estimate of suggested repairs. Treating wind damage early will protect your warranty and extend the life of your roof.

Wind Damage Roofing Experts

The team members at Ace Roofing Company are experts in the roofing industry. We know what to look for when inspecting your roof for damage in Austin after heavy winds or a storm. We will work with you to make sure that your roof gets the repairs it needs and will keep your roof performing its best. Contact the team at Ace Roofing today and we will help you get started with wind damage inspection to ensure that your roof is healthy.

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