Roof Replacement: A Cost Effective Solution

Roofing CompanyWhen damage occurs to your roof, it is important to determine if the damage can be repaired through simple repairs, a partial roof replacement, or a total roof replacement. An experienced roofing company can send an inspector to help you make that determination. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that a total roof replacement is often the most cost effective solution and offers them the greatest benefits.

Depending on the damage to your roof and the warranty time left on your original roof components, a roof replacement can make more sense and ultimately save you both time and money. Having a crew out to replace shingles or work on a partial roof replacement might not make sense if there is a limited time left on your warranty. A total roof replacement gives you the opportunity to fix all the issues with your roof at once, and gives you the peace of mind in knowing that you have the optimum roof protecting your home.

Roof Replacement Considerations

When attempting to determine if you need a roof replacement, here is a list of things to think consider:

  • The age of the roof: Is your roof nearing the end of its expected life?
  • Cost: Substantial repairs may cost nearly as much as a roof replacement and take the same amount of time
  • Type of damage: Is the damage contained to a small surface area or are there larger issues?
  • Aesthetics: Roof repairs may not match the original look of the roof and may affect your home’s visual appearance.
  • Long Term Plans: Do you intend to sell your home in the near future? If so, a new roof will make your home more valuable and easier to sell.

Ace Roofing Company is your local central Texas roofing company. We offer roofing repairs and total roof replacements. Contact our team to have a roof inspection and determine if a roof replacement is right for your home.