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Austin – 6th Street

Austin has its world-famous 6th Street where residents and visitors can get up close and personal with the vibrancy of the Texas capital city. Sixth Street runs east to west through the heart of downtown and six blocks south of the state capitol. The main entertainment section runs from Interstate 35 on the east side to Congress Avenue headed west into downtown. This section is the famous 6th Street where all the eclectic bars, restaurants and music is located. Once the party starts as the sun sets on 6th Street, everything gets more electric with each passing hour into the night. Trying to plan a trip to a specific starting point here doesn’t always work as the many venues change names or close, and the face of 6th Street is always evolving. Online information is often incorrect because of how quickly things change on this iconic stretch through Austin. The best way to experience the colorful array that is 6th Street is to get there and follow where the sights and sounds lead you.

6th Street Austin TX

Have A Sixth Sense

We will offer a word of caution about Austin’s famous street. All are welcome, and families take in the venue on a regular basis day and night, especially during holidays, special events or weekends. But remember, locals call it “Dirty Sixth” for a reason. This block has an increased number of intoxicated visitors, what’s left behind after all-night partying is always a mess and the adult language and scenery can pop up in public at any time. Austin police are purposeful in showing their presence, and plain-clothes officers are circulating along with officers on horseback. Crowd control and visitor safety are a priority. But, with thousands of revelers jamming the street and a free flow of alcohol anything can happen. So, be cautious, be alert and enjoy this destination without going overboard.

Austin TX Roofing 6th Street

Creative Memories

Sixth Street offers one of the most unique opportunities in all the United States to connect directly with amazingly creative musical artists, high-caliber chefs in unknown kitchens and tastes of wine and alcohol only available in the Lone Star State. You can really “cut a rug” at a dance hall; take in a current blockbuster movie while dining at your seat; laugh until you cry at a comedy club; and surprise your significant other with a world-class meal served in an upscale restaurant. There are also plenty of opportunities to get crazy in a saloon or battle a piano guy. You can close the night viewing the downtown cityscape from atop a rooftop lounge with soothing sounds from live, local musicians beneath the starry Texas night sky. Sixth Street is the ultimate place for partying until it’s time for a nightcap. This block of bars, restaurants and live music is a big contributor to the local saying, “Keep Austin Weird.” Austin’s world-famous 6th Street is a must-see for everyone. If you take it all in moderation you’ll leave downtown having experienced the local character, and characters, along with the vibrancy of the capital city.