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Do You Need a Permit to Repair Your Roof in Austin?

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When you’re getting ready to repair your roof, a question that you may be asking is whether or not you need a permit to make the proper repairs. The answer is that it depends on the circumstances. We’ll break it down into more specifics below.

Do You Need a Permit to Repair Your Roof in Austin?

In Austin, TX, if you are merely fixing the shingles of your roof, you do not need to get a permit. Likewise, you do not need to get a permit if you are replacing decking on your roof that is less than 64 square feet (the size of two 4’x8’ sheets). But for anything bigger than that, you must have a permit. At Ace Roofing Supply, our contractors can help you get the permits that you need for your job. 

How Long Does It Take To Get a Roofing Permit in Austin?

Once the building permit is submitted, which will be done with the help of our contractors as needed, the speed with which they are fulfilled can vary widely. Some permits (Express Permits) can be filled in as little as 1-2 days, but most construction permits take 2-4 weeks. 

Permits can be filed for through the Austin Build + Connect system online. This is a database where a contractor or homeowner can file for permits, pay fees, track their permits through the process, and keep all of the documentation accessible. 

How Do You Know If Your Building Permit Has Been Approved?

Through the website of the City of Austin, you can search for your permit in their database. It will keep you apprised of the place your permit is in the process. The system isn’t always perfectly up to date, but is reasonably accurate. 

How Do You Know What Kind of Roof Repair You Need?

As a homeowner you may be suspecting that there is something wrong with your roof. The shingles may be old and crumbling, or flaking off. You may have a small leak in your roof when it rains. You may have noticed a sag in the structure of your roof. 

In some of these cases, you can get up on your roof and inspect the shingles and see if replacing them is a simple matter of one or two here and one or two there. In that case, you probably can take care of the problem yourself in an afternoon (and, remember, this won’t require a permit). 

But if you do see something like a sag in your roof we strongly recommend that you don’t climb up there on a ladder to walk around. The decking or roof joists could be rotting or have water damage or simply be old, and there’s a possibility that you could fall right through! Remember that the number one injury in construction, even for seasoned roofing contractors like us, is falling. It accounts for more than 35% of all accidents on the job site. 

The best way to determine what kind of repair your roof needs, if it appears to be more than a handful of loose shingles, is to contact us at Ace Roofing. Our professionals can diagnose roof problems for any roof type with pinpoint accuracy, evaluate what kind of repair is going to be needed, and come up with a plan that will get you to that newly-refurbished roof. 

Even better, our contractors will do all of this free of charge! We will come to your house, inspect everything that is warped, sagging, crumbling, and bowing, come up with a fix, and give you a free quote. No obligations required. 

The reason that we can afford to offer free evaluations and free estimates is because we know that when you see the professionalism of our roofing teams, our track record of success, and our great reviews, you won’t want to go with anyone else. We prove our experience where it counts: when we’re up on your roof. If you have a leak, we won’t stop our search until we find the source. If you have a sagging joist, we’ll make sure it’s first in line to be replaced. We don’t rest until the trouble is found, identified, dealt with, and we leave your property with you smiling. 

There is no job too big or too small. We’ve done it all, from small one-bedroom homes to large seven-bedroom estates. We handle all kinds of roofing, from shingles, to tile, to metal, to wood shakes. Trust us: we’ve been in this business long enough that we can find a solution. Find a huge bees nest under the eaves? It wouldn’t be our first time and we know just who to call. Find a termite problem in the woof? We know what to do about that, too.


So, no, if you’re doing a small job on your own roof replacing a handful of shingles or even a single sheet of decking, you don’t need a building permit. But if you’re tackling a problem that is bigger than that, then you absolutely do, and Ace Roofing is the company that can walk you through the process, taking the heavy load on us to take care of. 


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