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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Any time severe weather is announced on Central Texas television news, property owners cringe at the possibility the next storm may bring damaging hail. Hail is an unpredictable weather problem that can range from pea-sized icy rain drops to globs of ice the size of softballs.

Damage from a hail storm can range from chipping paint off siding to smashing holes through your roof. Repairs needed after a hail storm can range from inexpensive touch-ups to complete roof replacement that requires an investment into the thousands of dollars.

Yes, there’s an extensive range of what hail damage can do to your roof and you’ll need an experienced, skilled Austin hail damage repair.

Always Inspect Hail Damage Quickly

Hail damage to your roof needs to be addressed immediately, especially if the damage causes your roof to leak. Water damage inside your business or home can be very expensive to repair.

Professional roofing companies offer roof inspections after storms. Ace Roofing Company always provides free roof inspections. Identifying hail damage to your roof is the first step to recovering from a severe storm.

Hail can be a devious problem because it may not cause obvious damage – such as broken skylights or holes in the roof – but the damage is more severe than meets the eye. If you look at your roof from the ground after a hail storm, you may notice dark spots on shingles or tile. This means some good-sized hail hit your roof.

But what real damage did hail do to your roof?

Hail Damage Rpof Replacement Austin TX

Hail can damage roofing material such as shingles or tile along with pipe boots, flashing, valley metal, vents, gutters and more. A professional roof inspector from a qualified roofing company can determine if this damage poses a risk to your roof failing.

For example, your shingles will still be working, but the dark spots indicate heavy hail “hits” that may have cracked the shingle on its underside or split the underlayment below the shingle. These are weak points that can now be exposed to rain and cause leaks. A cracked or broken pipe boot – the rubber seal at the base of a vent pipe protruding through the roof – can allow rainwater to run down the pipe and into your interior ceilings and walls.

Neither of these examples is visible from the ground and may even be passed over from an inexperienced person walking across the roof for an inspection. If you miss this hail damage, it’s going to cause bigger problems down the road.

Always inspect hail damage quickly. Make sure you have an experienced local roofer conduct the inspection, so any damage is identified immediately.

Check Insurance Policy For Hail Coverage

Before the next hail storm rolls through, check your property owner’s insurance policy to make sure hail damage is covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Most homeowners assume it is part of their coverage, but don’t wait until damage occurs to be certain.

Hail Damage Insurance Claim Austin TX

A quality roofing company will have roof inspectors who can identify hail damage and work with your insurance company to complete all roof repair or roof replacement work. If there is an extensive amount of hail damage, insurance companies tend to replace the roof rather than patch it up. Too many roof repairs actually weaken the roof system. Roof replacement offers up-to-date materials that last longer and offer greater protection to your insured investment – your home.

When a hail storm hits, don’t wait. Call for help quickly to get needed roof work completed quickly.

When our blog returns, we’ll have more Austin roof service tips for you. Until then, Ace Roofing Company wants you to have the professional roof service and attention you deserve. Let us provide you with the local roofing service you seek and help protect your home investment. Contact us today at 512-836-ROOF (7663).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]