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Residential Roof Repair: Roof Damage Checklist

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]residential-roof-repair-300x200Keeping your roof in the best possible condition is an important part of protecting your home and ensuring to maintain its value. Regular roof inspections should be a part of your home maintenance routines – especially after a high winds, strong storms, or hail. By taking care of any issues early with our residential roof repair service, Ace Roofing Company can help you keep your roof healthy and your home protected.

Roof Damage – What to Look For

Use this handy guide to review your roof for damages.

Inspect shingles

– Are there any loose shingles?
– Are there cracks?
– Are any shingles buckling or curling?
– Are your shingles missing granules?
– Are you finding granules in your gutters?


– Are there leaks inside the attic?
– Are there visible water stains on the decking? Make sure to look around the chimney and vents.
– Is there discoloration on the roofing deck or rafters?
– Are there water stains on ceiling inside the house?
– Is there peeling ceiling paint or are there cracked walls?

If you find any signs of roof damage or leaks, contact a friendly member of our team right away. We will send a trained member of our roofing team to come inspect your home for roof damages, give you a complete suggested repair list, and a free repair estimate. We will then work with you to schedule your repairs at a time that works best for you and ensure that your work is done quickly and correctly before additional damage can occur to your home.

Don’t let unseen or missed damages cause expensive repair issues for you and your home. Contact the team at Ace Roofing and let us help you ensure that your home has the healthy roof it deserves.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]