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Residential Roof Inspection Austin

Every homeowner must face the reality that home roofs don’t last forever, and you will have problems. We specialize in residential roofing throughout Austin, TX, and surrounding areas. There is much to know about repairing and remodeling. As a best-rated residential roofing contractor, let our expert team guide you through the process to improve one of the most valuable assets of your home.

Residential Roof Repair

A well-constructed, reliable roof is not a luxury in Central Texas, it is needed to protect all your valuables – family and property. Homeowners who call us have peace of mind knowing they have an experienced contractor working for them. Small or large, maintenance or storm damage, roof repair is why people call us. We’re the licensed, local roofing company with a passion to get your roof repaired quickly.

Hammer being used during a roof repair

Our passion as a top Texas residential roofing company is that you have a roof that works as it should 24 hours every day all year long. This may seem an obvious requirement to some, but you would be surprised at how many homeowners haven’t checked the condition of their roof in years. They simply wait until something bad happens – such as a severe hail storm – before even considering that their roof needs attention.

Roof repair is not something to be ignored. Any issue must be addressed quickly. Our company has the specialists with the industry knowledge and expertise to tackle all residential roofing issues. We strive daily to be the contractor helping protect homeowners throughout the greater Austin area.

Before working on any job, residential roofing specialists at our company are required to pass extensive training and certification before work begins. Their dedication to the craft and hard work show with every exceptional roof repair job we finish. We also have a few worker requirements that make competitors jealous – enjoy the work, smile, and be friendly. Our staff’s dedication to customer service and consistent work ethic have developed our business reputation so we’re the local contractor you want to call.

Residential Roofing Inspection

When your home needs an inspection, turn to our professional roofers. If you can’t remember when your roof was last inspected, or a sudden weather storm has caused some problems, our residential roofing specialists can inspect your roof for free. Yes, free.

There are good reasons why you should have it inspected regularly, at least once each year and better every six months. The goal of a professional inspection is to identify problems and get them corrected as soon as possible. Here’s why:

  • Small problems can turn into big, expensive issues. Early detection of any roof damage or leaking means repairs may correct the problem. Our specialists know what to look for so you can identify issues early and save money later.
  • Anytime water finds its way into your home there is the possibility for long-term damage and expensive repairs. Your roof is designed to repel water. When it fails, water wins, and you pay. A noticeable water leak after a hard rain, such as water marks on an interior ceiling, are the tip of the iceberg for a larger problem. Water stains simply means water has broken past your protective roof. It also means water has seeped into other areas inside your home somewhere between the ceiling and the roof, such as the attic, interior support beams, and insulation. Get this fixed now.
  • Home roof don’t last forever, and they can be damage. Regular inspections keep you informed about the condition of your roof so we can complete affordable repairs as needed. Just like a car, if you keep up with maintenance on your roof it will last longer. We know homeowners don’t want to face the cost of replacement.
  • Homeowners don’t realize that roofing material and labor warranties usually require regular roof inspections to validate warranties. Inspections may also be necessary to keep in the good graces of your homeowner’s insurance. If you can show your roof was inspected and in working order before storm damage occurs, insurance claims for roof damage become a simpler process.
  • Roof inspections, while they may lead to roof repairs, ultimately save you money. Cost of residential roofing services increases each year, so get your roof inspected to keep repair costs at a minimum.

We are the trusted residential roofing contractor you can turn to when you need need someone for inspection or repairs. Call us today, and we’ll do an inspection at no cost.

Residential Roof Repair Service

Homeowners seeking to maintain the value of their home understand the importance of quality roof repair service with Austin Roofing Company. It’s just a simple fact – repairing roof problems saves money.

Our team of knowledgeable, reliable, professional roofers is ready to get all your roof services completed. Turn to us for quality and affordable residential roofing services.

Man using a hammer to repair a roof
Shingle Roof Repair

Starting with a free roof inspection, followed by regular maintenance as needed, and then completing repairs when necessary, our roof repair service avoids more expensive services such as roof replacement. All our residential roofing specialists have a single goal of keeping your roof repaired and keeping your home budget under control. Repairs are the more affordable option in most cases.

Roofing materials are designed to last for decades and our roofers can help maintain and repair your roof, so it lasts as long as expected. The unfortunate “unknown” is the unexpected roof damage that can occur following a severe storm. Rain, wind, and hail can potentially tear up any roof. We tackle any storm damage with that single goal of repairing your roof the best way possible and completing all work quickly. We can help extend the life of your roof.

Why Choose Ace Roofing Company?

We’re here to help. Team members at our company have a daily focus with all our customers from the first moment we meet until we deliver a detailed explanation of the findings from our inspection. Homeowners have chosen, and continue to choose Ace Roofing Company, for decades as their “go to” roofing specialists in Austin and the surrounding areas.

How a Residential Roofer in Austin Can Help

Whether you’re concerned about that leaky roof or those dark spots on your ceiling, a residential roofer in Austin can help. From simple roof repairs to post-storm cleanups and even total roof replacement, the Ace Roofing company can get your roof back into tip-top shape, ready for whatever it is that Mother Nature has in store.

After all, even the smallest leaks and areas of damage can turn into a real problem if left long enough — water has a way of finding a path down into your home where the repair bill could be much more involved than a simple roof leak. As a residential roofer in Austin, we’ve seen it all, from missing shingles and small leaks to significant damage after a storm. Here’s what you should look out for.

Broken or Missing Shingles

If you notice any broken or missing shingles on your roof, it can be a good idea to call out a residential roofer in Austin to take a look. From the street, missing shingles may look like a dark or discolored patch on your roof, but whether it was caused by extreme weather, a defect in installation or it’s just time, broken or missing shingles should be addressed immediately before it becomes a full-blown problem.

Bad Valley Seals

Where one panel of your roof meets another is known as a valley. Valleys are great for driving precipitation down and off your roof, but over time all that rushing water can expose problems with your valley seals. Given enough time, water can make its way into the seals in your valleys, sending water down the cracks and causing damage inside your roof and possibly to the internal structure of your home. 

Cracked Roof Vents

Vents, pipes and other protrusions aren’t just visual markers for you roof, they’re how your roof breathes and manages heat throughout the year. But if you have damaged or cracked roof vents, precipitation may be able to work its way in, spreading moisture within your roof and potentially causing other problems. If you notice any damage to your roof vents, you may want to schedule residential roofer in Austin to come out for an inspection.

An Old or Aging Roof

While it’s easy to spot a new roof because of the vibrancy of the shingles and how everything just looks uniform and perfect, an aging roof often looks tired and worn out. There may be broken shingles, empty sections of roof without shingles and possibly even moss or mold buildup on the roof. Contrary to popular belief, a roof is not forever. A typical roof may last a couple decades or so, but after that you may need total replacement to protect your home moving forward. 

Holes and Cracks

The biggest culprit of a leaky roof is if your roof has any holes or cracks that can let water and moisture through. Unfortunately, these holes and cracks don’t even have to be that big — if you can see any light coming through your roof from the attic, you’ve got the beginnings of a real roof problem, if not a bigger problem outright. Even removing an old satellite dish or another rooftop installation can yield holes that can lead to a significant leak, so it’s important to call out a residential roofer in Austin to come take a look. The good news is that we’ll come out and give you an estimate for free, so there’s no reason not to call.