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Residential Roof Replacement

There is more value in the roof of your home than just “curb appeal.” The roof protects everything valuable – family and property – for homeowners. When a roof is failing, and needs replaced, valuables can be in danger at any moment.

Ace Roofing Company is proud to serve as a long-standing, local Austin roofing contractor helping Austin homeowners with all residential roof replacement services. We also help customers in neighboring communities surrounding the Austin area and Central Texas.

Roof Replacement Contractor

Extensive home improvement such as replacing your home’s roof can be a significant investment. Ace Roofing Company works hard to be the affordable roof replacement contractor to help protect your investment. Here’s why Ace Roofing Company is the best choice to replace your residential roof:

Austin roof replacement contractor
Tile Roof Replacement
  • Weather in Austin and Central Texas can be jolting. One day it’s nice, the next day a furious storm slams through your neighborhood. Roofing materials have advanced over the years, but an angry Mother Nature can rip apart the best residential roof. We tackle storm damage to build you a new roof.
  • Homeowners often miss signs of roof damage that our roof specialists can spot. Signs of damage include curling edges of shingles or broken tile. Our team is skilled and trained to spot damage on all materials, including tile, asphalt shingles roofs, or flat roofs.
  • While storm damage may be more obvious, wear and tear on a roof over time can be subtle. Your roof may look “normal” to you because you haven’t noticed the slow changes over time. “Normal” cracks and failing materials that our team can find can be indicators that your roof is leaking just enough to allow moisture inside your home. Slow leaks can erode roof materials or cause the wood decking to rot. This increases cost of roof replacement.
  • Old roofs will need to be replaced. No homeowner can get around this fact. If your roof is older than 20 years, it’s beyond or nearing the end of its life span. It has been damaged, it’s just a matter of how much and how it’s affecting the performance of the roof. Older roofs need regular inspections.
  • Will your homeowner’s insurance pay for roof damage? We can help with insurance claims. The key is a quality inspection, a detailed report and estimate, and the experience and knowledge to work with the insurance adjuster. Ace Roofing Company specialists can help with a damage claim where insurance may pay for roof replacement for part or all the roof.
  • Common signs of roof damage are “shiny” patches on shingles – underlying fiberglass in the shingles is showing – and loose granules collecting on the ground along the edges of the home foundation. Both are signs roofing material is old and breaking down more each day. You’ll likely notice these more after each heavy rain or wind storm. One rough hail storm could tear apart a roof in this weakened state.
  • Heat hurts roof. People move to Central Texas daily for the many days of sunshine all year long. That beautiful sunshine is a constant barrage of heat beating down on your residential roof. Over time – more so with older roofs – the heat wins as roofing material breaks down and becomes a weak defense against the weather elements.
  • Old age, heavy rains, wind, and hail can all damage your roof. Our expertise as a roof replacement contractor can help you identify such damage and provide options for your roof replacement.

Roof Replacement Inspection

Before any roof damage is determined, homeowners should start with a comprehensive roof replacement inspection from Ace Roofing Company.

Our team of residential roof inspectors can identify any problems or damage and help you develop a plan for full roof replacement. Re-roofing your home is a big decision that requires a considerable investment. We will provide a detailed inspection report and helpful estimate of costs. We understand budget is a concern and want to work with you to keep roof replacement affordable.

If our roof replacement inspection identifies any weather damage – from rain, wind, or hail – we have a complete team that can work with insurance companies from the first adjuster visit through the claims filing process. We work hard to simplify this often confusing and complicated process. When your storm damage claim is approved, we can handle the entire roof replacement project from start to finish. You can sit back and watch us do all the work.

Roof Replacement Service

Ace Roofing Company understands there is much to consider when searching for the best roof replacement service in Austin, TX and the surrounding area. The roof protects your home and everything inside. When replacing your roof, our team wants you to be forever confident that all roofing services we provide are built to last.

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Shingle Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof is a serious investment. Not only must your new roof protect against outside elements – damage by trees, debris, animals, weather – it must be an affordable option within the household budget. Your new roof needs to be built with all the best roofing materials and be completed by a quality roofing company that can deliver the best roofing work in the marketplace.

Ace Roofing Company delivers the best local roof replacement service and has worked in the local community for decades. Whatever type of roof you need replaced – tile roof, flat roof, sloped roof, asphalt shingle roof, green roof – our team of local roofing experts has the skills, training, and experience to build the new roof you need.

Why Choose Ace Roofing Company?

Team members at Ace Roofing Company are here to help. We have a daily focus with all our customers from first greeting until we deliver a complete explanation of the findings from our roof inspection to help where we can. Homeowners have chosen, and continue to choose Ace Roofing Company, for decades as their top roof replacement specialists in Austin and the surrounding areas. Our team of knowledgeable, reliable, professional roofers is ready to get all your roofing services completed. Call Ace Roofing Company today for quality and affordable residential roof replacement.