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Should I Be Home During Roof Replacement?


Home Roof Construction and Replacement

A long-term roof is going to need maintenance. And all roofs will eventually need to be replaced at some point–no roof lasts forever. The cost to replace a roof can quickly add up, especially when you consider all the costs for routine maintenance. With the costs of roofing materials, and the potential repairs that may need to be done, you might be better off spending the money on a new roof rather than a replacement. This is a good topic to discuss with a roofing professional.

You can also save a lot of money in the long run by inspecting your roof regularly. This will give you a good indication if the material that was used on the roof has been installed correctly, and you can also personally inspect the roof for signs of wear and tear before you pull the trigger on roof replacement construction. If your roof looks like it could use more work, this may be a great time to call a professional roofer for a visit.

Having a strong, durable roof is essential when it comes to protecting your home and your family from the elements. However, as part of that, you need to make sure that your roof is made of materials that won’t break down. The material used in the roof should also be treated to make it more resistant to the elements.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to having a new roof is the added property value. When you are choosing a new roof, you’ll have an edge over someone who has an older, less expensive one when it comes time to sell. You may be able to get an even higher price for your home because of the improvement. Therefore, if you are looking to sell in the future, seriously consider the new roof as a financial investment, not just an improvement.

Another great reason for roof replacement, if you’re not planning to move, is that homeowners who decide to have their roofs replaced will often have a better chance of saving money in the future. They won’t have to pay for expensive repairs, which means they will not have to spend money paying when something happens down the road.

Before deciding whether or not it is a good idea to have your roof replaced, it is a good idea to talk with a professional roofing contractor. Our team of professionals can educate you through all of the pros and cons of having a new roof. We will help you choose the best materials available that are ideal for you and your home.

Should I Be Home During Roof Construction?

While preparing for roof replacement, many homeowners have an immediate question: will you be able to live in your home while the new roof is installed? It’s one of those obvious questions to think about when fixing a home’s roof.

The answer is “it depends”, as there are some stipulations that will creep into the planning of the project. One question will be weather. While construction crews make it a priority to keep the interior of the home safe and dry, it can be nerve wracking to go through a storm when the wind or rain is coming down. Here are some more things to consider:

Reasons to Stay Home During Roof Construction:

It’s Cheaper
Staying at home during roof construction is definitely the cheaper way to go, certainly cheaper than moving into a hotel for several nights. If you’re already stretching to pay for the roof replacement, then extra accommodations may not be for you. On the other hand, if you have friends you can stay with, that could make the process go much easier for you and your family.

You Can Keep Up With The Roof Repair Progress
Even though you will be picking a roofing company that you trust–this is essential–it’s still good to keep an eye on your home during the process. You may not even know anything about construction, but it can be calming and reassuring to be able to visit the jobsite and watch the builders work. Plus, it may be good for your peace of mind to be at home, and it can be fun for the kids too as they watch each step in the process of getting their new roof.

It Can Be Convenient (Sometimes)
Staying in one place is always going to be easier than packing up and moving. It’s nice to not have to move your things. You can, however, feel like your privacy is lost for a while, and that may not seem convenient at all.

Reasons to Leave Home During Roof Construction:

It’s Stressful and Noisy
Having workers come and go through your home all hours of the day, usually without knocking, can disrupt any household routine. And the noise can be excruciating. If you work from home, or have little kids who are sensitive to loud noises, then leaving might be the best thing to do.

You Might Have Bad Weather
Even though your roofers are going to shield your bare roof from rain and wind the best they can, it can definitely get cold if you’re missing the insulation of the roof.

It Might Not Be Possible
Depending on your home, you simply may not be able to stay inside during a roof replacement. If you have high open ceilings, there may be no barrier at all between the new roof and the inside of your house. In these cases, you’ll not only need to leave, but you’ll probably need to pack up valuable furniture that could get damaged by falling debris, as well.

Bottom Line

When deciding on whether or not your home needs a new roof, and when weighing the options about staying at home versus leaving, it’s best to talk to a roofing professional to get their expert opinion. You’ll be better informed, and that always pays off in the end.

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