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Storm Damage Roof Repair

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Working and living in Central Texas means you will be affected by a severe storm. Be prepared for some type of damage to your roof following a storm.

Storm damage to your roof can be caused by wind, rain or hail. Hail can cause immediate and obvious damage while wind can be less obvious but just as damaging. Rain causes the most problems after hail or wind damages your roof and causes leaks.

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Following a storm, call an expert local roofing company to help with any immediate issues such as a leaking roof. Austin Roof Company has the team in place to help as needed.

When your roof is damaged from a storm, it’s an unsettling situation and help from an experienced roofing company can guide you through the recovery process.

Quality Roof Inspection After Storm

After a storm, when it’s safe to go outside, visually inspect your roof. Look for obvious signs of damage – holes in the roof, missing shingles or tiles, bent or missing metal flashing, or ventilation vents missing or damaged. We don’t recommend climbing onto the roof without proper safety equipment or training.

It’s important to quickly identify major roof damage and any water leaks into your home. Call for a roof inspection right away. We offer free roof inspections.

A roof inspection is important in determining all problems and what roof repairs must be completed. Extensive damage may require complete roof replacement. The inspection can also provide a detailed report about damage to alert your homeowner’s insurance company and estimate repair costs.

Storms Can Damage Your Roof Quickly

Storm damage to your roof causes one main problem – it leaves your roof unable to do its job of protecting your business or home and all the valuables inside.

Different types of storms can affect your roof in varying ways.

A wind storm can blow through with only high winds or be mixed with rain. Gusting winds can lift shingles and tiles and tear them away from your roof. The underlayment and decking then becomes the remining defense against the weather. This exposed area is weak and can lead to leaks.

A hail storm usually arrives suddenly mixed with damaging winds and heavy rain. Hail can vary from small to large in size and can be many sizes in the same storm. Hail is an odd weather phenomenon that damages your roof quickly and cause the entire roof system to fail. Hail damage can be obvious or subtle, and a professional roof inspector is recommended to determine the extent of damage.

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A heavy rain storm may not appear at first as damaging as wind or hail. Rain damage often occurs in the second storm following wind or hail damage. The first storm can damage your roof – cracked or broken shingles, etc., that may go unnoticed – then the next heavy rain follows those weak points and causes leaks into your home. Rain damage gets expensive as soon as the water finds a way inside.

Quality Storm Damage Roof Repair

The best defense against any storm damage is a quality roof built by an experienced, skilled roofing company. When a storm hits and causes damage, think of this unsettling situation as an opportunity to repair or replace your roof. The end result is newer, stronger protection for your home.

Working with an established, trusted commercial or residential roofing contractor will provide the best roof repairs or roof replacement. You’ll need knowledgeable and experienced roofers to provide the expert roofing service you deserve.

From the initial storm damage to your roof to working with the insurance company to completing all phases of roof repair, you have the best Austin roofing company available to help.

When our blog returns, we’ll have more Austin roof service tips for you. Until then, Ace Roofing Company wants you to have the professional roof service and attention you deserve. Let us provide you with the local roofing service you seek and help protect your home investment. Call us today at 512-836-ROOF (7663).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]