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University of Texas – Austin

Everything in Texas is bigger, or so the saying goes, and residents and visitors in Austin can connect to some of the biggest attractions in this great state. The University of Texas attracts more than 50,000 students each year, and the sprawling “40 Acres” as it is nicknamed anchors downtown Austin just blocks away from the state capitol. UT lives up to its national acclaim with more than 15 undergraduate programs spurring more than 150 degree options and more than 40 graduate programs supported by more than 3,000 faculty. Whew, yes, it’s big with an overwhelming selection of options. The university’s outreach throughout the state, including agriculture, business, medicine, media, art, language, politics and sports, expands to every corner of the state. International studies, students and professors from abroad and those who journey abroad, extends to almost every part of the globe. Everything is bigger in Texas, and UT takes that footprint around the world.



If It’s Big, It’s University of Texas

Everything about top-rated University of Texas speaks to the uniqueness that is Austin and Texas. The campus runs alongside the heart of downtown capitol city which is known for its “Keep Austin Weird” free spirit. The city proclaims a diverse culture that prides itself on living life to the fullest while experiencing cultures and lifestyles of all varieties. This all surrounds a beating heart of entrepreneurship that continually reinvents itself. UT is most certainly a fun place to experience life as a college student. Sports teams compete at the highest level of national competition. Students and alumni are part of the “Longhorn Nation” and exude pride on campus and throughout the Lone Star State. Graduates have achieved the highest levels of success in Hollywood, music, business, sports, technology and politics. Famous personalities continue to bleed “burnt orange” long after graduating from the 40 Acres and are often caught displaying the iconic “Hook ‘Em Horns” hand sign.

Changing The World

University of Texas is more than 24/7 fun, and the campus offers many public settings for people to experience this world-class learning environment. The public can explore an almost infinite number of connections to artists, scientists, medical professionals, engineers and athletes. All these endeavors have a link to the past and constantly push into the future. The public can attend events at four campus museums, dive into 17 libraries or connect with more than 1,300 student organizations promoting different views on the world at large. Since 1883, University of Texas has offered a sprawling campus for people to interact, strive for excellence and excel beyond expectations. As the university proclaims, what starts at UT changes the world.  The University of Texas is a destination in itself that provides the public opportunities to engage with a world-renowned campus of higher education.