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What Are the Most Common Roof Repair Services?


residential-roof-installation-300x200Just because your roof has a stubborn leak doesn’t mean that it needs replacement. Most roofs are designed to last decades or longer, and if your roof isn’t showing the tell-tale signs of replacement, you may be able to get by with a cheap roof repair instead of a complicated and costly roof replacement.

Especially if your home is a newer construction or the roof was replaced in the past few decades, you’ve probably got years left before that roof needs replacing. Some roof types may even last half a century or longer, but that depends on what kind of weather your roof is subjected to in addition to what your roof is made of.

What Is Your Roof Made Of?

Most roofs last a few decades before needing replacement. At the low end are asphalt shingles that may only last a decade or two, and on the other end are concrete, clay and stone roofs that may outlast the home itself — up to 50 or even 100+ years. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t need any roof repair services during that time. Precipitation, wind and UV rays from the sun all contribute to how your roof ages, and then there’s also storms, fallen trees and small rodents and animals that may shorten the life of your roof and force you to look into your roof repair options.

That said, longer lasting shingles cost and weigh more, so you may need a certain type of roofing structure to take advantage of the long-lasting durability of concrete and stone shingles. Some shingles may even require maintenance and upkeep, which can drive up ownership costs. Other roofing tiles such as metal may require no maintenance at all, though they can look out of place in certain neighborhoods and precipitation noise can be a real concern inside.

Shingle Repair

By far the most common roof repair service is shingle repair. As shingles protect your roof from the whims of Mother Nature, any damaged, broken or missing shingles means that your roof may be unprotected from the weather, high winds, UV damage from the sun and other potential issues.

If your roof is made of asphalt shingles, you can help avoid costly roof repairs by observing any changes. If you notice any granule loss — those hard bits that are glued to the surface — your roof is actually losing protection. If you see those granules in your gutters or on the ground, you may need roof repair services — as well as if you notice any splitting, curling or shrinking of your shingles.

For stronger shingles such as clay, concrete or stone that are rigid, you’ll have less to look out for but the risk is the same. If you notice any broken or missing tiles, your roof may be completely unprotected underneath, and it doesn’t take long for that small leak to develop into a full-blown problem if you don’t call someone out for roof repair services.

Flashing Repair

Another reason you may need roofing repair is if the flashing, or the galvanized metal that keeps water and moisture away from chimneys and other seams in the roof, is damaged. While the steel or zinc itself should be fine under the elements, sometimes weather or even a nosy rodent or bird can pull the flashing up and allow water to drain in. Over time, that can lead to a significant buildup of water in your roof, which will eventually find its way into the living spaces of your home.

But flashing repairs may also be needed if substandard materials or if improper installation techniques were utilized. You might save some money going with a cheap roof repair over a reputable company, but you’ll probably end up paying for it over the long haul as that shoddy work comes back to bite you.

Gutter Maintenance and Repair

Since your roof’s gutters catch anything that is washed down your roof, including water, leaves, twigs and other gunk, one of the most important roof repair services is actually preventative — cleaning out those gutters. In general, we suggest homeowners clean out their gutters at least twice a year — once in the fall and again in spring — if not each season.

By neglecting to clean your gutters, all that debris can build up and clog the drains that you rely on to funnel all the precipitation away any time it rains, leading to leaks and other problems. After enough time, that can lead to your roof rotting if water is allowed to flow unchecked, as well as the possibility of ripping off a portion of your roof or causing other types of damage.

Visible Leaks and Repair

If you can detect a leak inside your home, you’ll need roof leak services. A visible leak inside means a considerable leak or hole on your roof, and that leak could have been spreading for years without your knowledge. After working its way from the roof, through the attic and into the internal structure of your home, you could be dealing with a significant leak and costly repairs that may not be limited to your roof. 

Any sort of water stains, bulging, peeling or other damage on the inside of your home is a serious issue and it’s best to call in for roof repair services as soon as possible. Once a roof leak makes its way inside, you’ll need a roofing specialist to take a look. After all, your roof could be on the verge of collapse, which would cost you significantly more than a simple roof repair.

Poor Ventilation Repair

Everyone knows that it gets hot in Texas during the summer. But did you know that heat can also damage your roof? If your roof vents aren’t working properly, your roof won’t be able to breathe and expel all that hot air out. Not only can that lead to mildew and other growths, but it can also cause shingle blistering and rotting of the internal structure of your roof, such as in the fascia and rafters. 

To get ahead of any ventilation issues that could jeopardize your roof, it’s important to call in for roof repair services before that small issue becomes a big one. A quick and cheap roof repair today is much better than replacing your entire roof tomorrow, and the peace of mind knowing that your roof will provide years of faithful service is worth its weight in gold. Contact us today and we’ll come out and conduct a free roof inspection.